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About Us

Techub is a culmination of twenty years of technological excellence created for developing innovative technological products and services for our clients under the brands Lab360, Intellibots and Intelligence.
Techub has developed our own CRM system, Three60 as well as our own dialler, outsource collections platform, sales system, customer portal, AVM messaging systems as well as a full document management platform. The Techub brands Lab360, Intellibots and Intelligence all have specialists in the fields that can assist you in tailoring our products and services to your requirements.

Our in-house developed CRM system Three60 which is web enabled and operates in the cloud and has allowed us to enhance mobile
agent technology, developing our digital toolbox giving you the ability to provide business process outsourcing solutions anywhere,
anytime in safe secure environments for our staff and to ensure business continuity on a 24/7 basis.

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Chat Bots


Automated Document

Automated Voice

Customer Portals


The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) increases efficiencies, productivity and provides optimisation in the work environment and key areas throughout our business.

Our data science team looks at your specific business processes and uses Bots to enhance your processes specifically tailored to your requirements.


Our Intelligence brand delivered by Techub and is
defined by its payoff line “Beyond Data”.

By utilising data and creating models through artificial machine learning, the Intelligence data science team looks at patterns to determine optimal collection strategies, whilst also looking at specific business processes utilising bots to enhance them specifically tailored to your requirements.

Intelligence also carries out diagnostic analysis, DNA sequence modelling, learning models via predictive modelling, hazard models and alerts, optimisation modelling and its very exciting new development of sentiment analysis allowing us to proactively deal with your customers sentiments whilst on a live call.

In essence, all tools are utilised to ensure that we can deliver exceptional levels of services our Clients and their Customers.

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